General Post represents different types of researchers. The types are discussed below. Please ask for availability in each category when you do your booking. Rates differ from person to person. Rates are commensurate with skill level and experience. Facilities and libraries also come and go. Traditionally, in commercials production, the researcher searches for pictures and footage to illustrate the directors brief and be incorporated into a treatment or pitch. These people are expected to be resourceful and find the images (still & moving) as instructed by the director or producer. Researchers are often young directors in training.

A few have their own equipment. Some have their own libraries and charge for the use of it.

Most researchers rely on the production company to supply a workstation with the required programs and printers.

Most top end researchers have both video editing and still picture skills.
  • Paper & Video Researcher – This person combines both categories, FCP capable or Adobe + Photoshop, Flash sometimes and Freehand in certain instances. They have their own libraries and resources (some not, please ask when booking) and have much experience. They charge a higher rate.
  • Video Only Researcher – FCP capable with Sometimes Photoshop and/or After Effects skills. They can cut tape references. Some are junior editors.
  • Paper Only Research – These are creative "feeler" type researchers who'd look for images on the web, Stock libraries, Magazines, Books, anywhere. They find the still images to support the Directors vision. Rates are commensurate with experience.
  • Art Director/Researchers – They tend to be mostly "Feeler" type researchers. They excel at interpreting a brief and finding creative parallel images and idea's. Mostly stills. Client may invite these Art Directors to do the shoot, or not. There is no obligation either way.
  • Documentary Researchers – Graduates with Degrees mostly. Much experience and Academic backgrounds.
  • Newbie's - Interns, trainees and learners. These researchers are moving up to either or both paper & Video and are charged out at introductory rates commensurate with their skill level. Some of these are surprisingly Good.
  • Bradley K
  • Designation: Editors/Researcher, Offlone/ Online Editor. Junior Director, . Bradley is an enthusiastic researcher and editor with strong design and online skills, who is a pleasure to work with. ...
  • Frank J
  • Designation: Editors/Cameraman, Researcher, Director, DIT. Frank Joubert is a freelance editor and camera operator with over ten years%u2019 experience in the film industry. ...
  • Frans B
  • Designation: Directors/Researcher/ Editor/ Cameraman/ Scriptwriter/ Proofreader. Script Writing got him into Filming, Editing and Research. Research got him into Directing. In short, a fascination with the human experience and spirit got him into... storytelling. ...
  • Mark M
  • Designation: Researchers/Diretor and Script Writer. Mark has always been a very driven person and with that came a strong work ethic, which has served him well thus far. He is diligent, responsible, as well as upbeat, and enjoys working with people, all of which has made him a strong leader. ...
  • Sam N
  • Designation: Editors/Director, Writer, Producer, Researcher . Samantha Nell is a South African writer, director, and cinematographer. She completed her MFA at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts Asia in Singapore in 2014. ...
  • Tamarin G
  • Designation: Post supervisors & workflow experts/Post Production Producer, Editor, Production Manager, Researcher, Designer, Content Producer. Tamarins interest in film, television & everything audiovisual started at a young age. Always having known what she wanted to do, she studied at the University of Johannesburg where she earned a Bachelor's Degree in Audiovisual Production Management. ...
  • Thandeka M
  • Designation: Editors/Researcher, Camera Assistant . Thandeka began her career after completing a three-year diploma at Boston Media House where she specialized in Video Broadcasting... ...
  • Tsholofelo M
  • Designation: Editors/Offline, Online, Researcher, Director . Tsholofelo is a 28 year old charismatic with a BA in Motion Picture. During her 3 years in the television industry, she has worked as an offline and online video editor on a variety of projects. ...