Post supervisors & workflow experts

With the advent of the digital age and particularly HD, post-production workflows are constantly changing and adapting to embrace the possibilities offered by the latest formats and technologies.

Producers and production companies often don't have the time or the specialized knowledge to keep up to date with the complexities offered by the HD environment. General Post represents a number of highly skilled and experienced post-production producers and workflow experts to help make your post-production process as efficient and cost-effective as possible.

We can help with advice on the various formats as well as helping you with workflow design, project management, hardware configuration, media management and multiplatform delivery.
  • Tamarin G
  • Designation: Post supervisors & workflow experts/Post Production Producer, Editor, Production Manager, Researcher, Designer, Content Producer. Tamarins interest in film, television & everything audiovisual started at a young age. Always having known what she wanted to do, she studied at the University of Johannesburg where she earned a Bachelor's Degree in Audiovisual Production Management. ...