We received an overwhelming amount of submissions and some really interesting and thought-provoking scripts for "SA’s Next Top Filmmaker". While the process of whittling down the submissions to get to our top 5 finalists was a challenge, there can only be one winner. We are very pleased to announce that the five submissions chosen to be produced and move on to the next round are (in no particular order):

" Boot " - Lucious Dosi
Lucious (30) is in his final year at AFDA Johannesburg and is an aspiring playwright, actor and director who is excited about the possibility of contributing to our industry in a meaningful way.

" After School " - Keolebogile Moaisi
Keolebogile (24) is a devourer of stories and aspires to becoming a scriptwriter for a television dramedy some day.

" Redemption Son " - Ian Jackson
Ian Jackson is a film buff who has loved the medium since he was old enough to watch TV. He is excited about the opportunity to work in the industry he loves.

" Mind your Language " - Sihle Ngcamu and Sbu Ngcamu
Sihle (26) and Sbu (22) are brothers who share a passion for the film and TV industry. After studying business oriented courses both brothers made the decision to follow their passion and get involved in the film and TV industry. Sbu is currently in his first year at NEMISA.

" Katana " - Kagiso Mako
Kagiso (26) is fascinated by the human condition and TV is his chosen medium to communicate his thoughts due to it’s reach and flexibility. These finalists will get the opportunity to produce their film under the mentorship of the Curious Pictures team.

Our fabulous sponsors include:
  • Digitalfilm - Camera, lighting and sound equipment.
  • Wardrobe - Ikhaya
  • The offline edit facilities - Aces Up
  • Grade - The Bladeworks.
  • Final Mix - Warren Birley, Fine Tune Audio.

The winner/s will receive a 1-year internship at Curious Pictures in Auckland Park as well as exposure to the industry at large.