hotel hope & mothers in crisis

At the end of 2009, general post took the decision not to spend money on staff parties and corporate gifts. Instead, we used the money we would have spent on these activities to help new mothers in need.

General Post sponsored consumables such as nappies, formula, food and personal care items; we appealed to our clients and members, calling for donations of new or secondhand baby clothes, blankets, toys ... basically anything that a new mother would have need of; and made up a number of care-packages for underpriveleged new moms.

Through the Bigshoes Foundation, we were introduced to an organisation called Mothers In Crisis who operate under the auspices of Hotel Hope, who work with pregnant teenagers from schools in and around Alexandra Township.

Mothers In Crisis aims to support these young moms by helping them care for their babies while remaining in school and working towards some sort of qualification, while Bigshoes provides all the medical support in the form of a baby clinic, inoculations etc.

On the 21st of December 2009, we distributed these care-packages to 27 pregnant teenagers.

General Post thanks all who supported our cause by donating baby clothes and other goodies. Special thanks go to Madelyn Ludie and Petar Spiljevic of Velocity who contributed money to the project.

We continue to support Hotel Hope and Mothers In Crisis and will be helping host a fundraiser for them during 2010.

If you would like to volunteer or make a donation to Hotel Hope or Mothers In Crisis, please call 011 726 5823 or contact them at