masense ikusasa (building the future)

Masense Ikusasa is a program to train home-based child-care workers. As some of you may know there are a lot of informal daycare / crèches running in the inner city and townships who care for children of low-income families.

The (mostly) ladies who run these crèches are dedicated and loving individuals who look after children who otherwise have nowhere else to go during the day, keeping them safe, clean and fed for very little money.

These ladies have no formal training in childcare and their educational qualifications are often below the requirements for the government sponsored training programs. This means that these ladies often fall through the cracks. Because of the childminders lack of knowledge the children are often not very stimulated and pass the day in fairly cramped quarters sleeping, playing and fighting.

These ladies are desperate for training and access to information and materials to improve their little schools. Masense Ikusasa was started by Carolyn Reid and Deyana Thomas in 2007 to try and provide these ladies with the support they needed. Their first workshop had 6 participants. The latest workshop had over 60 applicants, 30 of which had to be put on a waiting list due to limited resources.

Participants are taught basic business skills, basic first aid and child care, how to make toys from waste materials and activities that can be done with children on a tight budget.

Apart from financial support, there is a huge need for the following materials:

  • Size 10 and 12 nursery school paint brushes
  • Powder paints
  • Jumbo wax crayons
  • Coloured koki´s
  • Recycled paper
  • Blunt nosed scissors
  • Wood glue
  • Pritt glue
  • Old toys – especially educational toys such as puzzles etc

General Post donates money for the procurement of supplies and training of volunteer trainers, as well as acting as a repository for any donations that come in from our members and clients.

There has been a wealth of research done both internationally and locally to suggest that Early Childhood Development (ECD) has a huge impact on the childs ability to progress in formal education later in life. Since ECD does not seem to be a priority at government level, it is up to programmes such as Masensa Ikusasa to ensure that the less privileged get the same opportunities in ECD as their wealthier counterparts.

If you would like to get involved in this project, please call Carolyn Reid on 011 646 1931
or 082 879 7912

  • Masense Ikusasa
  • Masense Ikusasa
  • above: the ladies learn how to conduct basic creative art activities
  • Masense Ikusasa
  • Masense Ikusasa
  • above: Orange bag dolls & other resources made by the ladies
  • Masense Ikusasa
  • Masense Ikusasa
  • Masense Ikusasa

above: children enjoying activities planned, and the resources made at the Masensa Ikusasa Workshops