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  • Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro, Avid

Gloria Matolo is an unconventional, energetic, semi-conforming editor.

She completed her high school education in 2007, then after finding herself, went on to study film in City Varsity in 2012. When she is not living her fictional space, she helps her peers create other worlds in music videos and short films. She also worked in Gungu Television in Mozambique also as production assistant.

A glutton for knowledge, (and chocolate too) she spends some of her time reading on new topics, especially if not mainstream, gives almost anything a shot and does it till fail. Loves holding movie and series marathons, that's her idea of a great time, than kills the after effects with some kickboxing- she thinks that clears her guilt.

Gloria tends to absorb a variety of vibes and energy, so aims to surround herself with like minded people who want to kick life in the backside.