Zandile  V Zandile V
  • designation
  • Compositor
  • other designations
  • Editor/ Illustrator
  • skills
  • 2d Motion Graphics & Editing
  • programmes utilized
  • Adobe After Effects, Adobe Flash, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro

Zndile is an extremely passionate Multimedia Designer, specialising in video production, illustration, character design, animation and photography. Zandile is a HUGE fan of old
school Disney flicks and superhero movies. She does believe that the world can be saved by cartoon characters, caramel popcorn and
yummy confectionary.

Her character is very easy going. Zandile is an ice breaker and a people%u2019s person. She is driven by the thirst to learn and progress in every area of her life ; as an adult, at the gym and as a designer. Zandile prides herself in having great people skills, being a fast learner and working well under pressure.