Frans  B Frans B
  • designation
  • Director
  • other designations
  • Researcher/ Editor/ Cameraman/ Scriptwriter/ Proofreader
  • skills
  • offline editor, director, researcher, cameraman, scriptwriter
  • programmes utilized
  • Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro, Coreldraw

A desire to send out good, good, good, good vibrations got him into doing community work during his first year after school. Community work nudged him towards a degree in psychology and development studies. Tertiary education was too theoretical and academic. He completed his BA Humanities, but wanted something more tangible. Something more hands-on and practical. Something more authentic, creative and fun. This drove him to a diploma in computer graphics, design and animation. After getting this piece of paper, he designed logos, letterheads, corporate id's, billboards, print ads, brochures, catalogues and business cards. He even art directed a couple of photoshoots. In the process he was introduced to the craft of copywriting. Art direction and design was stimulating, but he realised he was more efficient in conceptualising and writing. So he made a mock-up portfolio and got a job as a junior writer in the below-the-line division of an international agency. For the next 5 years he sharpened his wordsmith blades. On the copywriting road he met a young man who reignited his love for moving pictures. So, advertising got him into watching films and studying directors. On weeknights, on weekends and in whatever free time he could find he immersed himself in the world of audio visual storytelling. In the end the flames of passion for cinema grew so big that films pushed him into leaving advertising to become a director. He became a scriptwriter for a local television show, got his own camera and learned how to edit in between jobs. Today he shoots, edits, researches and directs whatever comes his way. He has directed two 60 minute narratives for television, but the cinema format still beckons...