Robyn B Robyn B
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  • Adobe Premiere Pro

Robyn is, and always have been, a creator. From a young age she has always attracted to capturing beauty - whether in words, films, art or photographs. Growing up, Robyn made sure she grew that passion. She spent most of her life off of the sports field, writing in notebooks and filming the things that she adored and that interested her. She spent her life creating, because that is what she do. After developing those skills, with much practice, Robyn learned how to make that beauty blossom - and that is what she do through editing. Robyn take what she find incredible and important and create stories - she is a storyteller. That is what made her so drawn to being a filmmaker, editor, writer and creator. In an unexpected twist, she also ended up having a typical "duty-fulfiller" personality. Organized, schedule orientated and driven are words that define the way she work in this way, production assisting, managing and co-coordinating interests me deeply as well. She is a creator - that is what she do. And years of hard work, imaginative intuition and dedication have given her the opportunity to create in ways that she love - through writing, film, editing and using her skills to organize her creations into something that is valuable and worth exploring. Robyn is a creator %u2013 and that is who she is.