Elizabeth W Elizabeth W
  • designation
  • Editor
  • other designations
  • Motion Graphics Artist
  • skills
  • Off & Online, motion graphics artist, Supervisor
  • programmes utilized
  • Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro

Elizabeth is a video editor and motion graphics designer, who is passionate about the creative arts and the craft of creating great visual entertainment.

Elizabeth has also dabbled in the production process, in front of the camera, and behind as a camera operator, 1st Ad and script supervisor. Yet, her true passion and love remains to be in post production where the real magic, sweat and tears take place.

(Mostly because every director and DoP, although not always saying it out loud, believes we "can fix it in post").

With several years of solid experience behind her, Elizabeth constantly strives to learn more and build on her skills.

On a personal note, Elizabeth is a friendly, energetic peoples person full of verve and pizzazz.
She is challenge and deadline orientated, works hard, and sometimes, even works smart