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we were the first and we are the best.
We provide the people who can execute all your digital media and post-production projects! Need an extra pair of hands for a few days? Or maybe you need a team for a year-long contract. We can help. We recruit and represent freelance and contract digital, post-production and creative talent working in the Online, Film & TV industry. Our crew-members are friends. Our bookers know them personally. We know their skills, quirks and strong points. When you call General Post you will get advice and opinions, not just a list of names.

We are efficient. Our systems are first class. This professionalism has led to us being the first phone call for many busy producers and production people.

Consider this: with only one phone call you can cover a whole bunch of admin. Doesn't that sound great?

it is really easy to use our service
Our clients rely on our bookers and producers to help select the required talent for each job. Simply phone (or email) and brief us. We'll call you back with a list of options to fill your needs. Once you’ve made your choice we send you a booking sheet. Once you are happy with the booking you return the booking sheet to us, signed in acceptance of our terms and conditions. We arrange for the artist / crew member to be at your office or facility when you need them and they perform the work under your supervision. When the job is finished they contact us with their times and we bill you. You pay. That simple. All the required deductions are done by us. All the fee negotiations, bookings, billing and other admin is handled by the General Post booker.

our members also benefit
Our members benefit from a professional management structure, production back-up and an admin and diary service. General Post also gives career guidance and advice on internship opportunities. General Post also gives career guidance and advice on internship opportunities.

We are there to help protect your working conditions and ensure a professional work flow with minimum hassles. Let us sweat the admin while you work at being the best at what you do.
Our Jozi Office is conveniently located in Bryanston in the heart of the post-production hub. William Nicol is the nearest main road for public transport and it is within walking distance of the offices.

  • people
General Post Talent Agency: our members can work in your office, on your machines or bring their own machines to your office. Some of our members also have their own studio’s / facilities which can be made available to you.

We represent the following categories of talent:
  • Post-production producers, supervisors and co-ordinators
  • Editors - from digitizers and assistant editors to senior commercials and features editors (predominantly FCP, Avid and Premiere)
  • Subtitlers - predominantly African languages and French
  • Researchers - commercials and longform
  • Illustrators & Storyboard Artists
  • Powerpoint and Keynote designers
  • 3D Animators
  • 2D Compositors
  • Sound Engineers
  • Directors
  • Writers
  • facilities
We provide a large variety of post-production facilities, including:
  • General Post's own in-house edit-suite
  • Various sizes and kinds of facilities belonging to our members ranging from portable Mac laptops or Avid systems, to small private suites or studios
  • General Post has strong relationships with all the major facilities and post houses (who are often also our clients) and can arrange services through these companies on your behalf.
  • project management
General Post has access to some of the best project and workflow management expertise available through our diverse member base. Whether it’s a once-off consultation to help you design a workflow, or post production supervision for the duration of a project, General Post has a number of project management solutions and experts available to assist you.

For more information on project management, contact kirsty on kirsty@generalpost.co.za.
  • full service
General Post takes the headache out of post-production for you!

We come in at the quoting stage of your project (or any stage really!) and advise you on the various options available to you. We then design a post-production solution to suit your needs and budget, and project manage the whole process for you.

Depending on what you want, we can provide you with post production talent and facilities, work with your existing staff and facilities, book you into one or more of the major facilities or a combination of all three.

We ensure that your job is executed professionally, on time and within budget. We manage all the logistics, communication and approvals for you and make sure that you deliver to the right people, in the right format, on time.

Our modular approach allows you to handpick the team who works on your project while still benefitting from professional supervision and project management.