Frequently asked Questions


How much will General Post cost me?
Very little. Our freelancers pay for our service. The client pays a booking fee of 99.00 + vat on any booking made for a General Post member. Our Editors and support staff go at the same rate as non General Post members. There is no fee mark-up. We feel the nominal booking fee far outweighs the advantages of dealing with a centralized bookings hub.

What if I don’t want the hassle of coordinating the production process myself?
Then you take up our full service option. One of our producers take the brief (script/other) and supply you with a quote on the elements of the job you want handled. We’ll shop around with other facilities to get you the best deal and charge a small mark up over and above our fees. We would make use of the freelancers on our books or any other you wish to work with. The General Post producer would schedule and quote to your satisfaction.

What are the rates for Crew and how are these decided?
Rates differ depending on talent, experience, and demand. We can negotiate rates to suit your pocket. Rates are a market driven force that we do not control. No one can. During busy times the good people can (and sometimes do) charge more. When the workflow is less we could broker a better deal with the same person who was super expensive yesterday.  There are industry guidelines from both the CPA (Commercial Producers Association) and SAGE (SA Guild of Editors) and we loosely follow these as a starting point for fee negotiations.

Why are Editors so expensive?
Editor’s rates vary from one to another due to demand, skill and experience. Another factor is which discipline within the film industry the editor comes from. The importance of selecting the right editor for the job is critical to any production's success. Experienced editors will have five or more years of experience in crafting and understanding the subtleties of their work. They will be relied upon to produce a well-considered film and deliver a smooth postproduction experience.

Must we do an expensive online when all I want is to re-edit an old / import commercial?
This all depends on what is required from the final product. If nothing needs to be changed in either picture or title and the brief is a simple cut-down, then there may not be enough reason to go through an expensive online at all. As the brief changes, so too does the online requirement. Complete re-finishes can be expensive and time-consuming.

Can I pay the facilities direct and save money?
Yes you can (short answer). General Post will book and schedule the entire post process for which a production fee will be levied and you will be able to negotiate your own deal with the facilities.

Is it necessary to have an editor supervise the online edit?
Yes and No. That is your choice, bearing in mind that an experienced editor can assist with keeping the online within budget and on schedule and allow the producers to attend to your needs. Online edits vary in complexity. Some creative offline editors consider the online part of their domain and insist on being there to supervise. Others see it as a technical process outside their ambit.

Can I shoot in Cape Town/Internationally and do my post in Johannesburg?
Yes you can and the reverse is also possible. The Producers will need to cater for individuals who must be present at each stage of the post process. General Post has high-speed fibre which allows for remote viewings and approvals.

What Guarantee have I got that the job will be finished on time?
There are no guarantees. Things change during production. It is a creative process (even though highly technical). It is good to have a flexible outlook. All projects are deadline oriented but sometimes one has to either compromise in order to hit the mark or else move the goals to give the process more time. VFX standards are very high and creatives often see new possibilities during post that requires more work. The Producers play a key role. With that said it must be pointed out that General Post has the depth of talent in its artists and producers to put the odds heavily in your favour.

Why do I have to sometimes pay extra charges?
Extra charges are often a result of changing parameters, inaccurate briefing or schedule changes. General Post will use its negotiating muscle to try and avoid any extra costs. But sometimes it is unavoidable.

What happens if the editor gets incapacitated?
This rare occurrence will be dealt with as it happens and a replacement may need to be sought, depending on the deadline and nature of the problem itself. General Post will be able to quickly replace him or her with another editor of your choice. Replacement staff will be billed as booked.


How much will General Post cost me?
As a standard, 15% of all work we bring to you. This is all-inclusive, Booking, Billing, etc. If you are established and bring your old, existing clients in it will cost you 7.5% for us to do the admin and billing. Senior Members with 7 years or more experience can negotiate a package that benefits the company and themselves.

Why should I sign up With General Post?
•    General Post will shield you from the financial discussion, rate negotiations a& admin hassles of billing & collecting your fees. It allows you to concentrate on the creative side.
•    It will allow you to be strong in negotiating rates via our staff
•    It gives you access to the bigger picture. We can tell you who is doing what, when to whom. Accurate reliable information.
•    We can pursue jobs you have heard of and want to do.
•    It broadens your client base. We’ll introduce you to new clients. Often freelancers get stuck in a rut & work for the same handful of clients, which might not always be what you want.
•    We’ll help you with strategic guidance and advice to build your career.
•    You can PLAN more effectively with our help.
•    However busy you are there are times that your appetite for work may increase. General Post maintains a constant presence amongst client and you will benefit from the constant workflow generated by the Brand Strength.

Must I sign up exclusively with General Post?
No, You can choose one of three classes of representation.
1.    Exclusive – All your work goes through the company, regardless.
2.    Non-exclusive – Only the work we place with you goes through the company.
3.    Project specific Contracts – Once off single project deals.
Being Exclusive carries a benefit, you will be first in line when a client request comes in.  We can work together to grow your client base. The staff at GP gets to know you better and we’ll promote you. GP will send out mailers and we’ll actively publicize your skills. Work brought in from your old clients will be billed at a lesser rate (7.5%)
Non-exclusive means you join our list of top end freelancers and when a call comes in you will be put forward along with everyone else.  
Project specific, once off (often longer term) deals.

What about medical aid, pension and benefits.
General Post is not the freelancer’s employer. We do not have a benefit scheme for freelancers. We can however assist you in finding solutions to these questions. We have no financial interest in these fields.

Will I be guaranteed an income
No, due to the nature of the industry we can make no guarantees of how many days you’ll work or how much you will earn. We can however offer the raised profile of a professional with an agent dealing on their behalf. We believe this gives you the edge. Furthermore, because we only get income from work we place you in; it is therefore in our interest to keep you as busy as you want to be. Remember, You only pay when we find you work.

If you have a question that is not covered here, please call and we’ll answer it and add it here.