How it works

Simply phone in (or email) your brief to our office or search our website and shortlist the people you are interested in. We’ll call you back and send you suitable and available options. Since we know our freelancers well we can advise you on the best person for the job.

Once you’ve made your choice we send you a booking sheet with all the details. We arrange for the editor / crew member to be at your office or facility when you need them and they perform the work under your supervision. When the job is finished we invoice. You pay. That simple. All the required deductions, fee negotiations, billing and other admin is handled by General Post.

Our members can work in your office on your machines, bring their own machines to your office or work from our facilities.

We represent the following categories of talent:

Offline & Online Editors (predominantly Avid and Premiere)
Assistant Editors
CAR & QC Staff
Illustrators & Storyboard Artists
3D Animators

2D Compositors & VFX artists
Post-production producers & supervisors
ENG Cameramen/editors
Production crew

We can assist with flexible post-production hardware options, including:

  • General Post’s own in-house offline and online edit suites hooked up to a 60Tb server and capable of working in full 4K.
  • Crew’s own portable equipment.
  • General Post has strong relationships with all the major facilities and post houses (who are often also our clients) and can arrange services through these companies on your behalf.

Project Management

General Post has access to some of the best project and workflow management expertise available. Whether it’s a once-off consultation to help you design a workflow, or production management for the duration of a project, General Post has a number of project management solutions and experts available to assist you.

Full Service

We take the headache out of production for you! Production is our game and we can be counted on to be abreast of the latest trends and developments.

General Post comes in at the quoting stage (or any stage really!) of your project and we advise you on the various options available to you. We then design a solution to suit your needs and budget and project manage the whole process for you.

Depending on what you want, we can provide you with production and post production talent and facilities, work with your existing staff and facilities, book you into one or more of the major facilities or a combination of all three.

Basically we make sure that your job is done professionally and completed on time and within budget. We manage all the logistics, communication and approvals for you and make sure that you deliver to the appropriate people in the right format, on time.

Our modular approach allows you to handpick the team who works on your project while still benefiting from professional supervision and project management.